Installation de l'environnement de développement de YunoRock
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#!/usr/bin/env sh
# Tests
if ! [[ $DIR == /* ]]; then
echo "DIRPATH is not an absolute URL. It should start with a '/'" && exit 1
# DL alpine install script
if ! test -f "$SCRIPT"; then
wget -O "$SCRIPT" \
&& echo "e5dfbbdc0c4b3363b99334510976c86bfa6cb251 ${SCRIPT}" | sha1sum -c \
|| exit 1
chmod +x "$SCRIPT"
# Install Alpine
if ! test -d "$DIR"; then
sudo sh ./$SCRIPT -d $DIR -p build-base -p git -p zsh -p lua-filesystem -p luarocks5.1 -p lua-toml -p moonscript -p abuild -p lua-argparse || exit 1
# Set rc_sys="prefix" to not disturb systemd on current system
sudo sed -e 's/#rc_sys=""/rc_sys="prefix"/g' -i "$DIR/etc/rc.conf"
# Launch chroot
sh $DIR/enter-chroot ./build
exit 0