Script pour lancer Gissmo dans un Docker (application
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Gissmo Launch Script

This script, called Gissmo Launcher, aims to manage Docker containers while working on Gissmo project (Cf.

It's not a part of previous Github's branch because it's only for Docker use.


I suggest you to check these points befaure using Gissmo Launcher:

  • docker
  • bash (Bourne Again Shell)
  • tput command (try which tput to know if you have it)
  • a default configuration file to give Gissmo Launcher some data

Note: This script was done on Ubuntu. If you use another operating system, some commands will not work. For an example init.

Configuration file

A configuration example is available here: config.example.

Gissmo Launch Script search a file called config located in XDG_CONFIG_HOME.

If not, it searches this file: .config/gissmo located in your home directory.


Just do:


It will display you a list of available commands.


Here is an example on how I frequently use Gissmo Launcher: init create restore ~/2015.05.06.dump migrate dev stop start python shell stop

A different configuration file

If you want to use another configuration file than current, use the GISSMO_CFG variable as:


It will use new_config file instead.


This tool is under WTFPL – Do What the Fuck You Want to Public License.